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Thursday, September 29, 2005

fashion addictor

monday* NUMBER (N)INE
tuesday* Comme des Garcons Junya Watanabe Man
wednesday* Dior Homme
tuesday* Lad Musician
friday* Raf Simons
Saturday* Helmut Lang
Sunday* John Galliano

everyday work so hard only for these stuff...
Am I stupid??
There are 2 philosophys in my mind
1. No music no life
2. No fashion no wife


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

start each day positively right

1. Your true age is determined by your mental attitude, not the years you have lived.
2.Dont look to the stars for the cause of your misfortunes.Look to yourself to get better results.
3.The person who complains that he or she never had a chance probably hasnt the courage to take a chance.
4.No one can keep you down but yourself.
5.Do it now!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

thank u keey

after read keey's blog...i go to keey's picture page...
then i find that my childhood pic inside it also...
look back to my childhood i find that im so naive...foolish....
but is ok...i think i might have a bright future....
thank u and sorry for u all...
and thank to my friend keey....

Monday, September 19, 2005

楓 by spits

忘れはしないよ 時が流れても
i will not forget even the time is past
the joke that we have make each other....
心のトゲさえも 君が笑えばもう
when you smile ,the thorn in my heart
become small and round

the hole we have peep by turns
what have we saw??
一人きりじゃ叶えられない 夢もあったけれど
sometime we need somebody to achive the dream

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Japanese Bentou

Japanese bentou
U can buy it 7-eleven...
tasty and cheap

its not a lake

amazing right??
this is not sea...
is a lake....
is a very wonderful lake...

Fukushima Trip

1st September to 3rd September...
I have been to Fukushima for Summer Camp
but is quite hot and humid on these few days...
we have a lot of events like BBQ, Folk Dance, Natsu Matsuri, Fishing and etc....
these are some of the picture i took over there...enjoy and give some comment ok??
and how about my new hair style??

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