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Thursday, September 25, 2008

School fees settled

Finally, all of the school fees were settled last 2 weeks. Im feel easy now.
Thank you Mary....and my family.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Job hunting

1. There are a lot of my friends and my family members were asking about my job hunting situation.

2. I like to write about how hard if you want to join a company in Japan as a fresh graduate(foreign student).

3. At the first, you have to take a exam, most of the exam take about 2 hours. All in Japanese language. Eventhough you are foreigner, you have to take exam together with Japanese students. That's mean there are no special form for foreign students.

4. Once you past the exam, human resourse management will give you an email or a phone call, and ask you to go for interview. Then you only can go to 1st interview. Human Resource Department peoples will be the interviewer.

5. When you past the 1st interview, then you have to go for second interview, this time you have to face Human Resource Department Manager.

6. If you are good and lucky, then you will go to third interview, this time you have to face the manager of the department which you wish to join. This is not a final step.

7. Finally, if you are very very lucky guy or girl, then the last step is you have to interview by president of the company, chairman or managing director.

8. It is very amazing for a foreigner like me to accept a developed country still using this kind of backward system to employ a fresh graduate. If you want to employ a CEO or CFO or some higher position, it might be good to use this kind of system. But, to employ a fresh graduate or a normal staff, it waste time and money.

9. The most funny thing for me is, there is a exam that check your personality and character by 200 questions. We are human, how can you know a person by just 200 questions? Humans always humans, not robot, you cannot distinguish a person by few hundred questions.

10. Thanks god, that Malaysia have no system like this. This kind of system is only make unemployment rate rising. It make students runaway to find a job.

11. Eventhough it is hard, but Im still challenging for my future.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


僕は探してた 最高のGiftを
君が喜んだ姿 イメージしながら。。。。。

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

from Tun Mahathir's blog.

6. We are still a developing country. Developing requires work. Rich developed countries can afford not to work. August holidays see the cities like Paris and London bereft of traffic.

7. I believe, but I may be wrong, that when you are trying to catch up with someone running ahead of you, you must run faster than him. We have this great ambition to become a developed country. If we move slower than our objective can we catch up? I think we cannot.

8. A developed country today and a developed country in 2020 is not the same. In 2020 it will be far more advanced and richer than in 2008. The developed status is not static. It is moving.

9. Even if it seem to be growing slowly percentage-wise, but its one percent is bigger than our 5 or 6 percent. Our base is lower. To catch up we must really grow faster.

10. Can we grow faster by not working? I think not.

Tun, I respect what you had said on the blog.
We have to work hard to make our beloved country become developed country.
As an anak Malaysia, I will try to work hard no matter Im in Malaysia or outside Malaysia.
To make everybody know Malaysian are the best nation on the world.

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