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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

something missing

Look back to the pictures that I took from UK and Paris, I miss UK and Paris more. UK, especially Oxfordshire, is the most beautiful place that I had ever seen in my life....

The beautiful I mean is not only the scenery, but for the peoples also. Everybody are very kind, sincerely. Since I back to the Japan, I found that Japan is convinience and very good in term of materials....but not in term of what we call life...
something is missing can be a can be a power...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paris Part 1

Eurostar...From London to Paris...
It took about 2 hours plus from London to Paris...
The train was very comfortable...

After 2 hours of journey, I've reach 1 of the most beautiful city on the world, Paris.

Paris Gare Du Nord, is a very big station. The outlook of the station is just like a castle.

If you come to Paris, please visit this place. There are a lot of good cafes here.

When I first step out from the station, I was so surprice with the beautiful buildings surround the station.

This is the main entrance of Paris Du Nore Gare...
I would like to share more to you about Paris.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The different with London undergrounds and Tokyo trains

1. Most of the peoples on the train in London are reading newspaper or book. But most of the peoples on the train in Tokyo are reading manga (comic) or playing PSP or Nintendo DS.
2. When people step on your foot, peoples in London will say 'excuse me' or 'im sorry', but in Tokyo it is hard to hear some words like 'sumimasen' or 'gomen nasai'.
3. When the train is coming, peoples will go in to train smoothly in London. But in Tokyo, there will go in together to get a seat.
4. Most of the peoples are sleeping on the train in Tokyo but not in London.
5. When the train is full, peoples will wait for the next train in London, in Tokyo peoples will go in and make the train like a can of sardin.
6. Students in Tokyo are very noisy on the train, but not for London.
7. You will be fine about 20 pound, if you didnt pay your ticket fares, or top up your oyster card before going. Tokyo is ok, because you can pay when you reach your destination.

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