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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


なぜ めぐり逢うのかを 私たちは なにも知らない
いつ めぐり逢うのかを 私たちは いつも知らない
どこにいたの 生きてきたの
遠い空の下 ふたつの物語
縦の糸はあなた 横の糸は私
織りなす布は いつか誰かを
逢うべき糸に 出逢えることを
人は 仕合わせと呼びます


I was in tourist mode, and Im back to the time when I was first came in to Tokyo.
初心、忘るべからず(syoshin, wasurubekarazu) that means remember your original intention.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

we met after 10 years

Kok Weng said Im change a lot except my size, still slim like when I was in secondary school...

After met ,I took Kok Weng to a special shop Condomania to buy something for 1 of my best friend who asked me to buy 0.02cm condom.

Then, due to Kok Weng request, I took them to eat Ramen. Kok Weng said he like to experience small Ramen shop like this.

Tokyo tower....a place where foreigner must visit when you come to tokyo.

Second day, I took them to concrete jungle.

Tokyo is the largest metropolitan in the world.

I like to show you how big the city is, and how density this city is.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


4 star Dragon Ball???

Im a Dragon Ball fan...

But not as crazy as 1 of my friend Kok Weng....

Because of this dragon ball, it make me recall 1 of my friend who like fashion and figures very much.
Bruce Chen, I met him 6 years ago in Japan.
I used to mention about him in my blog before.
He is 1 of my best friend in my life, we influenced each other a lot.
From Dior Homme to John Galliano, we are similar...
Wish him all the best.

PS* He is the most fashionable Chinese guy that I had ever met. He is a hairtylist in Beijing now.

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