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Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy birthday to myself

Birthday is coming, birthday's present to myself is London Tour. I will be 26 soon, unbelievable. From KL to Singapore and Japan. Everything just like yesterday.
Thank all of you supporting me always, eventhough I'd make mistake.
Happy birthday to myself.


Saturday, August 12, 2006


when I was in a normal and simple town.
the world that far away from the town is reflect ,everytime when I look up to the sky
小さな場所を後にしてから どれくらいもう経つのだろう
How long I had leave from this small place
Home is calling

ふるさと 心の中で今でも優しく響いてる
hometown always sounding inside my heart kindly.
寂しさが染み付いた夢の無い夜には あなたを呼んでいる
when you feel lonely and helpless in the night, it always calling you

都会の空に夢を託して 心を犠牲にしてる
chasing my dream in the city, and sacrifice my heart
野心と愛の調和がとれず 誰もが彷徨っている
everybody is thereaten when ambition and love are not balance
飾らなかった誠実な日々 この頃何故か恋しく想う
dont know why I feel homesick and the every sincere days
home is calling

ふるさと 絶えずに愛してくれたそんな人の顔を
hometown, I want to see your face again who are always caring and loving me
もう一度見てみたい、郷愁にかられ あなたを呼んでいる
feel homesick and it calling you.

sorry for my poor translation, this is a song that I love so much.
by Angela Aki.
The lyrics is very good, because I have the same feeling when I listen to this song.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Monday, August 07, 2006

how come peoples be so cold?

sometime I always think about that, why peoples could be so cold.
Is it because of the environment?
Is it because of their education?
Is it because of their family background?
Is it because of their own character?
I hope you are not the one who are cold blood.

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